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EXO is very well know K-POP STAR!! MEMBERS ARE 12.




(Preview of EXO on Show Champion, 2013. Pic rights: MBC Network)

Since they returned to the music scene with “Wolf” and the new albums “XOXO [Kiss and Hug],” the guys of EXO have been all over the place: constant fan-sign events, Sukira Kiss the Radio and Simsimtapa spots, the Tencent Interview in China, and many other events. They’ve also been interacting and snapping photos with fellow musicians such as 2PM, SNSD, Henry Lau, Taemin and Minho of Shinee, and VIXX, to name a few.



(Suho reading his heart-felt letter to EXO. Pic rights: Sukira Kiss the Radio, 2013)

In addition to that, they have to either love or cope with some of the stage outfits their stylists are choosing. We loved the all-white outfits, we loved the all-black outfits, we can even learn to love the reddish orange — but we’re still dealing with the coordi-noonas’ vision of “EXO as World Wrestling Champions” theme that we witnessed for the SBS Inkigayo performance. Apparently, Kai is the Intercontinental Champion — we definitely saw a big, golden belt around his waist.

Let’s. Not. Even. Talk. About. That. Though.

This Week is Guaranteed to be Another Big One for EXO.





(Chanyeol of EXO calls a fan. Pic rights: Youngstreet Radio, 2013)

They are currently filming their first appearance on Weekly Idol. The fact that all twelve members of EXO would appear was announced on Weekly Idol’s Official Twitter page on June 4th (cr. @bestidolone).

Can we just talk about this for a second? We hope you’ve seen Weekly Idol because it’s not like any other interview/guest show.

This is the show where Dongwoo of Infinite was asked to touch and judge the butts of his fellow band mates (which he did, and it was hilarious). This is also the show where Illhoon of BTOB made Gwiyomi Player popular (in fact, Illhoon created Gwiyomi Player on the show MTV Diary and he perfected it on Weekly Idol). This is the show where Jonghyun of Shinee was asked by a fan if he’d ever gotten plastic surgery. This is the show where shy Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P showed his abs.





(First photo: D.O. of EXO dancing to Psy’s “Gentleman.” Second photo: Kris and Lay performing “Call You Mine.” Pic rights: Simsimtapa, 2013. for official video of “Call You Mine”)

The hosts of Weekly Idol, Hyung Don and Defcon, love to tease their guests (it’s all in fun, though). Almost nothing is off-limits for discussion. Don and Con always focus on making the show interesting and memorable. They also love to mess with the shy members, and they love verbal-jostling with the chatty ones.

The games, though — how will EXO fare with the games? Guests on Weekly Idol usually participate in silly games where they compete against the hosts. Let’s also not forget that the show just started a new segment called “Idol Call Center.” This is where fans can call Weekly Idol’s phone and leave voice mail messages for their favorite singers. They can say anything they want to the bands — anything from just declaring love to even asking personal questions that the singers have to answer.




(EXO’s Kris and Chanyeol during Tencent Interview. Pic rights: Tencent)

Now, as well as filming a spot on Arirang T.V., EXO will also be one of the bands on Show Champion, which is set to air on June 12th. Show Champion is basically a music ranking show like Music Core or MCountdown: the best of the best are chosen and rewarded based on fan votes, album sales, and the opinion of judges.


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